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A Heart for Any Fate: Westward to Oregon, 1845

Seventeen-year-old Lovisa King comes of age on the Oregon Trail as her family travels from Missouri to the Oregon Territory. Based on the history of a company of real pioneers, A Heart for Any Fate: Westward to Oregon, 1845 tells the story of the King family, whose careful plans are challenged by the harsh, unforeseen realities of overland travel. The Kings make the unfortunate decision to follow guide Stephen Meek, who leads them into blistering weather, drought, and treacherous river crossings along the Terrible Trail. A Heart for Any Fate will be released in conjunction with Oregon’s 150th birthday. Originally published by the Oregon Historical Society, this new edition will include the history of the real King family and a forward written by Jennifer Armstrong.

Linda Crew

Linda Crew is the acclaimed author of Oregon Book Award winner A Heart For Any Fate, a young adult book inspired and based on the King family’s journey on the Oregon Trail. While writing A Heart For Any Fate, Linda and her husband Herb traveled the Oregon Trail and saw the great sites that protagonist Lovisa King and her family journeyed through in 1845.

A native Oregonian, Linda grew up in the historically rich city of Corvallis. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a BA in Journalism, Linda realized that her passion lay in writing fiction, not fact. Inspired by her love for pioneer stories, Linda delved into the young adult historical fiction genre, anxious to tell our history’s untold stories. Thirty-five years later, she is now the author of eight young adult titles.

Linda and Herb have three grown children and live on Wake Robin Farm, the same farm they were married on in 1974. When not working on her next novel, Linda can be found in the forest with her pruning saw. You can visit her website to learn more.

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“In the spring of 1845, the King family of Carroll County, Missouri, loaded five covered wagons and set out for Oregon. Historical records tell us the route they chose.” In this richly detailed novel that originally appeared in 2005, Crew creates a riveting, fictional story from the bare facts of an extended family’s grueling journey across the Continental Divide. Illness and death claim some members, and grief and sorrow temper the survivors’ jubilation when they finally reach the promised Eden in Oregon. Seventeen-year-old Lovisa narrates in a wholly believable voice filled with period colloquialisms (including a few derogatory references to Indians). While some readers may be slowed by the wealth of thoroughly researched particulars, others will be fascinated by each scene that vividly evokes a young woman’s daily life on the trail. Readers, along with Lovisa’s family and friends, will recognize love brewing long before she does, and her marriage forms a warm coda to the exhausting journey. A comprehensive foreward and afterword (with photos) complete this accomplished story that will easily find a place in the curriculum. Grades 6-10.

–Gillian Engberg, Editorial Director of Books for Youth

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