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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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    Surviving the War


    The Wax Bullet War is not a story that relishes in scenes of drama and so-called action. On the contrary, Sean Davis’s account of the war in Iraq is shockingly realistic and enlightening. His memoir begins the day of reenlistment, traverses through the chaos of war, and relives the trauma of violence. There are no . . . Read more »

    Experiencing My First Pitch

    Photo by Stuart Seeger

    I’m a bit of an outsider here at Ooligan. I’m not a spy, nor am I here with any other sinister purpose, it’s just that I’m not in the publishing program. I’m a grad student in PSU’s MFA fiction strand. I needed a one-credit course for the term, and the publishing lab looked interesting, so . . . Read more »

    The Cover is HERE!


    Getting our sales kits out the door, each with a chapbook, postcard, tipsheet, marketing plan, and small treat (coffee-related, obviously) was one of the driving forces for getting the cover concept finalized. After much effort and Pantone finessing on the part of our designer, Ryan Brewer, we have a cover we love! In honor of . . . Read more »

    Independent Bookstore Day Is Back!


    Bookstores in Portland and beyond will celebrate the second Independent Bookstore Day (IBD) on Saturday, April 30, with special events and nifty literary merchandise. The day highlights a growing momentum of support among readers and writers for independent booksellers all over the country. And there’s no bigger fan than Portland writer Ruth Tenzer Feldman, author . . . Read more »

    Riding the Post-Pub Wave

    Memories Flow in Our Veins

    Perhaps you’re wondering, now that we’ve successfully launched Memories Flow in Our Veins and tracked its production from start to finish in this blog series, what does the “finish” really look like for an Ooligan Press title? The answer is complex, and it is best answered with another question: when your title is ostensibly finished, . . . Read more »

    Meet the Ricochet River 25th Anniversary Crew


    Welcome back to Rivers of the Pacific Northwest! Before we head any farther downstream, I’d like to introduce myself and the rest of my crew. We’ve added some top-notch talent this term, and they deserve a spotlight. First up, Tyler Mathieson, our fearless leader through the stormy seas of Rhythm in the Rain, will graduate . . . Read more »

    Chatting with The Portland Red Guide Author Michael Munk


    There was only one sunny day in January, and it was the day I took the train out to Milwaukie to interview Mike Munk. This was quite a privilege, as I’d read The Portland Red Guide last summer to familiarize myself with at least one Ooligan Press title before starting the master’s in book publishing . . . Read more »

    Write to Publish 2017 Planning Underway


    As a new manager for Write to Publish 2017, I’m happy to announce that planning for the conference is underway, and we now have a date and a venue. I first became acquainted with Write to Publish this January during my first term with Ooligan Press. As part of the W2P 2016 team, I experienced . . . Read more »

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