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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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    Enhanced Ebooks are Taking to the Clouds

    Photo from Creative Commons

    For our upcoming title, Mastersounds: A Portrait of Jazz in the Pacific Northwest, featuring pictures and interviews with luminaries of the Northwest jazz scene, Ooligan Press was curious if we could do an interactive ebook. We imagined audio, videos, and clickable content, with maps and location-based factoids. Because of the high cost of producing interactive . . . Read more »

    The Final Post

    Write to Publish

    Hello, everyone. I hope you’re having a good week. This will be the last Write to Publish post from the Melanie/Brandon management team. Thanks for spending time with us and reading our rambles about the project. We had a good time, and as exciting as it is for us to move on to other things, . . . Read more »

    Editing Anthologies the Oolie Way

    Untangling the Knot

    Each project that we take on at Ooligan Press is uniquely challenging to its student workers. At this very moment, students in the graduate program are dividing their attention between books on historical nonfiction, young adult fiction, and single- and multi-authored literary nonfiction in both long and short forms. Because Ooligan is staffed by graduate . . . Read more »

    An Interview with Lynn Darroch

    Lynn Darroch

    Ooligan Press recently had the opportunity to sit down with Lynn Darroch, the author of our upcoming jazz history release, Mastersounds. Darroch, an accomplished musician and writer, is well known for his stories, and his answers to our questions didn’t disappoint! When did you first become interested in music, and in jazz in particular? My . . . Read more »

    Behind the Scenes of the UtK Social Media Initiative


    Perhaps the most exciting and daunting promotional aspect of Ooligan Press’s upcoming title Untangling the Knot is the anthology’s whopping roll call of twenty-six contributors. That’s twenty-six sets of readers and their fans to connect with, and—supposing that most of these writers participate in at least one form of social media—at least twenty-six different social . . . Read more »


    Allison Green

    Although The Ghosts Who Travel with Me isn’t coming out until June, there’s no time like the present to start reaching out to bookstores, literary festivals, and writers’ conferences to organize appearances for Allison. Many places book their events far in advance, so it’s imperative that we be on top of it so we can . . . Read more »

    A Moderator’s Perspective on Write to Publish


    On January 31, 2015, I had the pleasure of being a moderator for the “How to Fund Your Creative Project” panel at Write to Publish 2015. The panel brought together Chris Morey, Patrick McDonald, Todd Sattersten, Nicole McArdle, and Leia Weathington to demystify a subject that most creatives find incredibly daunting: funding. The experience was . . . Read more »

    We Have a Title!

    After much deliberation, we finally have a set title for Eliot’s new young adult novel. I’m thrilled to announce that A Series of Small Maneuvers will be released November 1, 2015. We all agreed that this title–pulled from a crucial scene in the book—-picks up on one of the main themes, and can be applied . . . Read more »

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