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On the Lack of Lady Lovers


I am not Triinu Hoffman. I never went to church; I never had a goth phase; my parents never blithely recited poetry to me in their spare time (how quaint!). I am certainly nothing like Triinu Hoffman in the overarching sense of the word. But we do have something in common, and it’s something both . . . Read more »

Women Authors You Should Have on Your Reading List


Ooligan Press published Memories Flow in Our Veins in April, so hopefully most of you have had a chance to pick it up and enjoy the plethora of inspirational, powerful, and at times dark and creepy (pig’s head anyone?) stories and poems. As we’re enjoying the last bit of summer, many of you might get . . . Read more »

Manager Monday: Striving Toward Inclusive Language


This past April, while many of my fellow Ooligan students were at AWP 2016 in Los Angeles, I opted for a conference that was smaller yet just as important: ACES 2016, the twentieth anniversary of the American Copy Editors Society’s annual festival of unabashed grammar geekery and word nerdery, lovingly dubbed “Comma-Con” by some of . . . Read more »

The Singular “They” is Here to Stay, and You’re Going to Like It


The use of the singular “they” is so common in American speech that I find it a little funny that I’m writing about it. And yet, here I am. We say it all the time: “Everyone wants their cat to look cool on Halloween.” You know, as the saying goes. For ages it seemed, written . . . Read more »

Are you reading the summer away, or have you barely picked up a book?


When I was between eleven and fourteen years old, there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from in terms of books for and about young adults. I consumed the entire Sweet Valley High series (I know, gross and gag me with a spoon, in the parlance of those times), anything by Judy Blume (which would . . . Read more »

Books: The Last Vestige of Print Publications


Books feel like home. The idea of losing the tactility of printed books invokes terror in me akin to driving off a sheer cliff or voting for Trump to be president. There is no replacement for the weight in one’s hands, thumbing through the pages, breathing the odor of the paper, running fingers over the . . . Read more »

I submitted my book proposal! When will it be published?


Photo by Flickr user amanda. In acquisitions, the most common questions we get from writers who’ve submitted proposals or manuscripts is “how long until you decide?” or “is there anything I can do to speed up the evaluation process?” We know how excited writers are to have their project out in the world, potentially being . . . Read more »

What You Reading For?


Forgive the assumption, but it seems like a pretty safe bet that you, dear Ooligan-blog reader, are the sort of person who spends a not-insignificant amount of time exploring physical and digital bookshelves in search of the next book to add to your “To Read” stack. If you’re anything like me, your approach to this . . . Read more »

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