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Wax On, Wax Off


We were severely late, and the production room was a madhouse. The editorial staff was hugging the walls, having learned—for their own safety—to stay out of the way of the creative team. Like a scene out of a Bruce Lee movie, the production team was racing and lunging in and out between the numerous large . . . Read more »

Sword and Sorcery and the Classroom


Reading has been linked to learning and developing empathy, but a study published in Cognitive Development in 2015 believes that fantasy stories in particular could be linked to better learning. Whether it’s magic or the supernatural, fantasy elements in stories are as old as civilization, and people in a variety of cultures have found a . . . Read more »

Oolies’ Desert Island Picks


It’s an old and painful hypothetical: If you could take only one book with you to pass the time on a desert island, which would you choose? Let’s assume you’ve got survival books memorized and need no book-shaped assistance to get by, even to build your own raft and venture back out to sea and . . . Read more »

Is the Market for YA Dystopia Growing as Bleak as the Genre’s Content?


Shortly after The Divergent Series: Allegiant hit theaters, searches for “YA dystopia” in Google News yielded a veritable barrage of articles declaring that the genre was finally on its way out—at least in cinema. From the Guardian to the LA Times to the Washington Post, speculation was rampant. But if we’re truly nearing a hard . . . Read more »

Are Big Books Better? Why the Long Novel is Here to Stay


I recently noticed that novels seem to be getting longer, so I did what any twenty-first century inquiring mind would and googled it. My search uncovered Publishers Weekly‘s “Fiction Gets Supersized” (2004), The Millions‘ “Is Big Back?” (2010), The Daily Beast‘s “Are Books Becoming Too Long to Read?” (2012), Salon‘s “Why We Love Loooong Novels” . . . Read more »

Interview with Author Kali VanBaale


Kali VanBaale’s debut novel, The Space Between, earned an American Book Award (the Independent Publisher’s silver medal for general fiction) and the Fred Bonnie Memorial First Novel Award. Her short stories and essays have appeared in Numéro Cinq, The Milo Review, Northwind Literary, Poets & Writers, The Writer, and the anthologies Voices of Alzheimer’s and . . . Read more »

Where’d My Galley Go?: Book Reviews Gone Awry


I have a confession: I know what happened to my galleys. I know what happened, because I have been on the other end of this customary transaction between book publishers and book reviewers. I have been the intern of my own recent nightmares, arriving at a desk piled to my chin with mailers full of . . . Read more »

Do Publishers Ever Read for Fun?

Version 2

Everyone wants a career that lets them do what they love. My mom became a teacher because it allowed her to be a coach (basketball, volleyball, and softball). My dad combined his agriculture lifestyle with his business frame of mind and is now able to farm almonds and sell those almonds to his own company. . . . Read more »

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