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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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    Getting Involved: Student Media at PSU


    If I learned one lesson during my first year at Ooligan Press, it is this: experience outside of the classroom is crucial to the comprehension and retention of what is learned inside the classroom. One of the (many) great things about Ooligan Press is the abundance of opportunities to do just that, and you couldn’t . . . Read more »

    Trippingly of the Tongue: an (In)complete Look at Ongoing Reading Series in Portland

    Benjamin Stein, Author, Reading from new novel Die Leinwand - Th

    Portland is a city known for being well read, highly literate, and highly supportive of the literary arts in general. This reputation seems well deserved. Portland is home to the world’s largest bookstore, Powell’s City of Books,boasts one of the best-attended writer’s lecture series in the nation, Portland Arts and Lectures, and houses a great . . . Read more »

    Where are the Digital Critical Editions?

    Photo by Joan Shaffer

    This past fall term, I took both Editorial Theory and Concepts in Digital Publishing. Editorial Theory mainly dealt with the divergent (read: ideologically fraught) theoretical principles underlying the creation of critical editions—that is, “authoritative” versions of works the academy has deemed worthy of scholarly editorial treatment. Research into the genesis and development of the work . . . Read more »

    An Interview with Meagan Lobnitz: Project Manager of Untangling the Knot


    It was a gray and colder-than-normal day as we gathered for the last Ooligan Press executive meeting of Winter 2014. We were selecting a new title for an in-house originated project, which, up until that point, had been called More than Marriage. One title in particular was almost unanimously picked, and Untangling the Knot: Queer . . . Read more »

    Social Media Marketing Tips: Make a Book Trailer


    What keeps a novel from getting noticed? Hint: it ain’t necessarily talent alone. In a recent post on Powellsbooksblog.com, veteran novelist Karen Karbo contrasted ideas about what keeps novels from getting noticed. To highlight these myths and truths, Karbo describes her blockades to literary success in the 1990s versus similar blockades now. To Karbo, there . . . Read more »

    “Untangling the Knot” Author Casey Plett on Small Press Publishing and the Art of Writing

    Casey Plett, one of the twenty-six contributors to Untangling the Knot, writes about growing up queer in Eugene in her essay, "Days of the Phoenix in the Emerald City."

    Ooligan Press will release Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity in February of this year. What began as an anthology of queer narratives from the Pacific Northwest has become a nationwide collection that explore the concepts of marriage equality as it comes to a head in the national political dialogue. In . . . Read more »

    Launch of Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity

    Authors of Untangling the Knot

    On March 5, 2015 at Portland State University, Ooligan Press celebrated the launch of its most recent publication, Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity, a compendium of personal and political essays by twenty-six modern LGBTQ writers. Editor Carter Sickels, Lambda award-winning author of The Evening Hour, moderated a series of breathtaking . . . Read more »

    Spring Is On The Way—And So Is Our Manuscript!

    It’s been beautiful here in Portland these past couple weeks, which has been the perfect backdrop to our work on the CALYX anthology. The anthology has been seeing a lot of development this term. For instance, we are now well into drafting author bios, creating a list of author contacts and affiliations, and finalizing the . . . Read more »

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