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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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    The Evolution of an Oolie, Part One: Hayley Wilson

    Hayley Wilson

    Being a part of Ooligan Press is what you’d expect: we publish books, operate the business, and drink lots of coffee. We also, however, are students. Ooligan Press is completely student-run (under the fabulous direction of Abbey Gaterud), and while we’re in the trenches slamming out books, we’re also busy in the classroom learning best . . . Read more »

    Design and Editing Workshops at Write to Publish

    Write to Publish

    Design as a Marketing Tool and Editing Essentials: From the Big Picture to the Nitty Gritty are the two workshops that will be featured at the Write to Publish conference this year. Vinnie Kinsella, a book production specialist, will be running the design workshop, while the editing workshop will be led by writer and editor . . . Read more »

    MFA vs NYC: A Debate


    On October 23, 2014, the graduate program in Book Publishing and Ooligan Press presented latest installment of the Transmit Culture lecture series, “MFA vs NYC: A Debate.” The crux of the discussion: Chad Harbach, an MFA creative writing graduate, founder of n+1 Literary Magazine and bestselling novelist, claims in a 2010 article that the American . . . Read more »

    Guest Post: What’s the First Crusade Got To Do with the Free Speech Movement?


    Fifty years ago today, at 3:05 a.m. on December 3, 1964, Edward Strong, chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley, started speaking through his bullhorn to the eight hundred or so people occupying Berkeley’s administration building. Strong told protesters to leave the building they’d occupied peacefully the day before, or face “disciplinary action” and . . . Read more »

    In the Evening: Looking Forward to Untangling the Knot


    To begin by saying that Carter Sickels is a good writer would denote enough aesthetic favoritism toward The Evening Hour to elicit an eye roll or a chuckle from someone who has never experienced this book. Therefore, I will not begin this post with, “Carter Sickels is a good writer.” Instead, I will say, “Carter . . . Read more »

    Discount Pricing Ends Soon

    Write to Publish

    We continue to spread the word about the conference. Right now, our marketing is focused on two strategies: we are visiting classrooms and marketing on campus, and we are printing flyers and posters to disseminate across the city. If you are fortunate enough to get ahold of one of our flyers, bring it with you . . . Read more »

    Let’s Take A Road Trip!

    Allison Green

    Well, an imaginary road trip. For our sales kits–the promotional packets we mailed to all our book reps to get them acquainted with our new project–we invited our reps to take a look inside the glove compartment of the car Allison took on her trip to Idaho. Inside, there were brochures with information about the . . . Read more »

    Between You and Me: Forgotten Bits from 1964


    This photo-poster hangs on the wall of the Free Speech Movement Cafe on the Berkeley campus. That’s graduate student Jack Weinberg in the back of a police car after his arrest on October 1, 1964, for violating a campus ban on political speech. The police had driven the car onto Sproul Plaza on campus. After . . . Read more »

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