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Publishing News Round-Up

By Kurt Spickerman · April 16, 2014

Posted In: Publishing

Continuing in its quest for world domination, Amazon has confirmed that it will purchase the digital comics vendor ComiXology. In case you’re unfamiliar, ComiXology is a cloud-based purveyor of digital comics through mobile apps and its website. It features comics from Marvel, DC, and many other publishers, as well as providing its fans with a…Read more

Focusing on Write to Publish

By Melanie Figueroa · April 14, 2014

Posted In: Start to Finish

Like Brandon, my fellow co-manager for Write to Publish, I thought that I knew about book publishing because I grew up with a father who was an avid reader and who in turn instilled me with a love of books. After the first week in the program, I realized how little I really knew. Throughout…Read more

Ooligan Press: A Sum of Its Parts

By Theresa Tyree · April 11, 2014

Posted In: Inside Ooligan

Are you a student looking into Portland State University’s Book Publishing program? Maybe you’re an author interested in publishing with Ooligan Press? Then you may have had a bit of trouble figuring out how to distinguish the program from the press. To combat this confusion, Ooligan and the Book Publishing program are rebranding. “I’m excited…Read more

Where Poetry Month is Year-Round

By Ellie Piper · April 9, 2014

Posted In: Publishing

National Poetry Month was initiated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996 to “increase the visibility and availability of poetry in popular culture while… celebrating poetry’s ability to sustain itself in the many places where it is practiced and appreciated.” The website for this annual celebration suggests many ways to participate, including “put a…Read more

Testing the waters

By Brandon Sanford · April 7, 2014

Posted In: Start to Finish

Even though I am a member of Ooligan Press, I chose not to volunteer at Write to Publish 2014—and therefore attend the panels for free—but chose to buy a ticket and attend as a guest. My reasoning was simple: I didn’t want to take any time or focus away from the panels and workshop I…Read more

An interview with Adam Salazar, interior designer for “We Belong in History”

By M. F. Corwin · April 4, 2014

Posted In: Interview

Adam Salazar, the former marketing team lead with Ooligan Press, is finishing up his time in the publishing program this term; a man of many talents, he designed the interior for We Belong In History. We welcomed the chance to sit down with him before he graduates, and took the opportunity to chat with him…Read more

The End of Readmill

By M. F. Corwin · April 2, 2014

Posted In: Publishing

One of the great things about spring break is having enough time to sit down and get some reading done. It was a shock, then, to find out that social reading platform Readmill is shutting down because Dropbox acqui-hired its staff, who will be joining the Dropbox team in San Francisco. What was Readmill? Launched…Read more

Ooligan Alum Kelley Dodd: Practicing What She Preaches

By Paul Dudley · March 31, 2014

Posted In: Interview

Kelley R. Dodd teaches Publishing Software and Advanced InDesign at PSU. She is a print specialist and freelance designer, having worked in the print and publishing industries for twenty years. Kelley is the graphic designer for the bimonthly magazine The Solutions Journal: For a Sustainable and Desirable Future and is working on the second book…Read more

An interview with Sean Davis

By Ariana Marquis · March 28, 2014

Posted In: Interview

Sean Davis is a busy guy—he’s a writer, an artist, a playwright, a mentor, and a teacher whose positive influence is all over the Portland community. Still, in preparation for the publication of his Iraq war memoir The Wax Bullet War, Sean managed to find time in his truly packed schedule to answer a few…Read more

The Second Pitch: An Inside Look into Ooligan’s Acquisitions Process

By Brooke Horn · March 26, 2014

Posted In: Inside Ooligan

It seems like everyone and their uncle has an opinion on what constitutes a good pitch these days; just a brief online perusal will provide you with a colorful variety of perspectives on the subject. What a general web search may not tell you, however, is that there is a second pitch process in the…Read more


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