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    The Evolution of an Oolie, Part Three: Travis Kremer


    We’ve reached the end of this series, my friends. After hearing about the anticipation of a green Oolie and the expectations of a graduating Oolie, it’s time to hear from the one you’ve been waiting for: an alum extraordinaire—an Oolie all grown up. Name: Travis Kremer Graduation year: 2013 Origin: Portland, Oregon Alma mater: Portland . . . Read more »

    Marketing on Air

    Wild Planet Radio and Late Night Library are two of Ooligan's partners in publicizing books on the air.

    Since fall of 2013, Ooligan Press has been trying to find the best ways to get Untangling the Knot into the hands of readers. It’s the same conversation our teams have about every book we take from manuscript to marketing: How can we identify readers who will be interested in this book? How can we . . . Read more »

    The Birth of a Book


    The launch of The Ghosts Who Travel with Me was marked with the excitement and celebration befitting the hard work and creativity that went into it. The big event was held in Seattle’s Elliott Bay Book Company and was attended by Ooligan students and fans of Allison Green’s work, both old and new. A few . . . Read more »

    Graduate Insight: An Interview with Kait Heacock

    Ooligan grads Kait Heacock (left) and Mary Breaden (right) celebrate their New Yorkness by enjoying a summer warehouse dance party in Brooklyn.

    As a 2012 Ooligan graduate, Kait Heacock has made a graceful transition from the Portland publishing scene to Overlook Press in NYC. She is a fiction writer and works as a book publicist. She has been published in the Portland Review, Tin House’s Open Bar blog, and Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s Sunday Stories section, among other . . . Read more »

    Goldie-Oldies: Nostalgia in Literature and Radio


    In Allison Green’s unconventional travel memoir, The Ghosts Who Travel with Me, nostalgia is a running theme. Green devotes just as much time to journeying down memory lane as she does to retracing the famous trout-fishing trip of sixties counterculture writer Richard Brautigan. The Ghosts Who Travel with Me lovingly describes Green’s golden memories of . . . Read more »

    Finding Harmony: Blending The Arts Of Jazz & Literature


    So very much has happened since we last updated the progress of this project. First, and perhaps most importantly, we last mentioned that the book previously referred to as Mastersounds was in the midst of being renamed for publication. It is our pleasure to announce that our entertaining and informative upcoming book will be titled . . . Read more »

    The Vastly Different World of Newspaper Publishing


    Newspapers and books really aren’t that different from each other. They both contain words, they’re both carefully edited and designed, they both are marketed and put out into the world and contribute to society in their own way. But their production cycles are vastly different. I work as an editor for the Vanguard, a student . . . Read more »

    Graduate Publishing Programs: A Comparative Glance Across the Country


    Portland State University’s publishing program has one thing all comparable programs lack: Ooligan Press, a real press staffed by students publishing real books. But apart from that, how does the competition across the country really stack up? First, let’s name names: New York University, Pace University, Emerson College, Drexel University, Rosemont College, University of Houston–Victoria, . . . Read more »

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