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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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    Welcome to Fall.

    Write to Publish

    This week saw the beginning of fall classes at PSU. It’s surreal to have the campus once again full of students. I got used to having the campus almost to myself during the summer. We are certainly excited to see all the new Ooligan members, though! Write to Publish has three members new to the . . . Read more »

    Great News for Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before


    With November just around the corner, we’re hard at work on the final stages of marketing for Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before. Karelia Stetz-Waters’s Triinu Hoffman, like so many other LGBTQ teens in public schools, is the subject of bullying—both from fellow students and from faculty. Triinu hides who she really is . . . Read more »

    The Book Formerly Known as Trout Frying in America.

    Allison Green

    Very exciting news! After a lot of intense thinking, discussion, and waffling, we’ve selected The Ghosts Who Travel with Me as the new title of our book. It establishes its independence from Brautigan more than Trout Frying in America (which was a direct play on Trout Fishing in America) did, and it captures the theme . . . Read more »

    School’s Back: New Term, New Project.

    Welcome to the newest project at Ooligan! Even at a press that has published a wide variety of genres and forms, from literary fiction all the way to translated Czech poetry, this newest acquisition is definitely different. Ooligan is excited to be partnering with CALYX, the very well established feminist literary press, to publish their . . . Read more »

    This Week!

    Hello all, This week many little things were accomplished. We powered through many transcriptions that I personally loved listening to. Then we began developing the plan for the pitch video, which will feature our author speaking about the book, and began gathering preliminary information for the marketing plan. Most importantly, we began to delve into . . . Read more »

    Busy Times.

    Cover art for: Forgive Me If I've Told You This Before

    It’s safe to say things have been pretty busy in the Forgive Me world. We closed out the summer with some big news and exciting plans. Team member Ellie’s hard work, personalizing letters and digging for blurbers, paid off with three amazing, heartfelt quotes for our cover: Young-adult author Ruth Tenzer Feldman said the story . . . Read more »

    Time to Spread the Word

    Untangling the Knot

    Hello again, everyone. There has been a great deal of activity with the Untangling the Knot manuscript over the last few weeks. Nearly all of the final edits on the individual pieces are complete. The project team has been hard at work type coding each of the pieces that are finished, a process which makes . . . Read more »

    The Beginning of Fall.

    Lynn Darroch

    Hello all, We are starting a new term and, with that in mind, I have plans to accomplish many things over the next ten weeks. The Indiegogo project will begin to take more shape as we work on developing the pitch video for the site. The development of the web application will be underway now . . . Read more »

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