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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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    Let’s Take A Road Trip!

    Allison Green

    Well, an imaginary road trip. For our sales kits–the promotional packets we mailed to all our book reps to get them acquainted with our new project–we invited our reps to take a look inside the glove compartment of the car Allison took on her trip to Idaho. Inside, there were brochures with information about the . . . Read more »

    Between You and Me: Forgotten Bits from 1964


    This photo-poster hangs on the wall of the Free Speech Movement Cafe on the Berkeley campus. That’s graduate student Jack Weinberg in the back of a police car after his arrest on October 1, 1964, for violating a campus ban on political speech. The police had driven the car onto Sproul Plaza on campus. After . . . Read more »

    Flipping the Project Plan

    Lynn Darroch

    Hello all, During the last two weeks, the Mastersounds team has been working on researching and creating a marketing strategy that will be used near the launch of the book. This plan encompasses book reviews, podcasts, and important people that we think will be excited about the content and will help spread the word of . . . Read more »

    Events and More

    Forgive Me final cover

    Now that Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before is out in the world, we’ve been putting all our energy into preparing for upcoming events. Karelia and Elisa, owner of Another Read Through, were a huge help in setting up the official launch. We celebrated the book’s message and insight into growing up gay . . . Read more »

    Last Chance

    Untangling the Knot

    The Untangling the Knot interior design is complete, and the project team is collaborating with the editorial department to proofread the manuscript. This is the team’s last chance to catch any errors that have survived previous rounds of editing. The goal is to complete the proofreading by December 1, when the manuscript will be returned . . . Read more »

    My Internship with Future Tense Books and What I Learned There


    Over the summer, I interned at Future Tense Books, a micropress helmed by local author Kevin Sampsell. Together, we worked to get Wendy C. Ortiz’s debut title Excavation: A Memoir into as many hands as possible. Going into the internship, I felt confident, but ten weeks as a marketing/publicity intern—my first real-world publishing experience—showed me . . . Read more »

    Backlist to the Future: Dreams of the West

    Cover image for "Dreams of the West"

    With the release date of Ooligan’s upcoming book, tentatively titled Mastersounds, quickly approaching, we prepare to once again look at how our cultural history has shaped this place we call home. Mastersounds will show the rich history of jazz throughout the Pacific Northwest with a specific focus on Seattle and Portland. This new text, written . . . Read more »

    Conquering the Pitch

    Conquering the Pitch

    Write to Publish is having a Pitch Roundtable this year! What’s that, you may ask? Well, good question. The Pitch Roundtable is a chance for emerging writers to get their stories out there. It’s a chance to start up a conversation about your book with a live agent. Terrifying? Maybe, but I have some tips . . . Read more »

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