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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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    Interview with Logan Balestrino, Digital Publishing Coordinator at Del Rey Spectra


    Logan Balestrino graduated from the publishing program in 2009. In her time at Ooligan Press, she was the Acquisitions Editor/Manager and worked on Brew to Bikes, Do Angels Cry?, and Dot-To-Dot, Oregon, among other titles. She now resides in New York City and works for Random House and its science fiction/fantasy imprint Del Rey Spectra . . . Read more »

    Ooligan Reaches Out to Local Eco-Friendly Businesses


    In 2011, Ooligan Press released Rethinking Paper & Ink: The Sustainable Publishing Revolution. Expanded from a pamphlet of the same name written in 2009 by former Ooligan students Melissa Brumer and Janine Eckhart, the book, which was jointly authored by Ooligan alums Jessicah Carver and Natalie Guidry, sought to increase awareness of sustainable printing practices . . . Read more »

    What’s Behind an Ooligan Cover?

    Small Maneuvers Cover

    Last winter, Ooligan students were far too busy to notice Portland’s infamous rain—-we were hard at work on one of publishing’s most demanding creative challenges: designing the cover that will grace one of Ooligan’s forthcoming titles when we send it out to greet the world. Having worked on the editorial team for Ooligan’s upcoming young . . . Read more »

    Small Maneuvers Is Making Big Strides


    So much has happened since our last post about this book! In the intervening months, Eliot Treichel’s manuscript—A Series of Small Maneuvers—has become a real book. Winter 2015 was devoted to developing and copyediting, and we got to watch the manuscript blossom into a full-fledged powerhouse of a young adult novel. In spring, we moved . . . Read more »

    The Trouble With Clean Reading


    Clean Reader‘s tagline is, “Read books, not profanity.” Created by Jared and Kirsten Maughan after their daughter came home sad about the language in a book she was reading, the app obscures offensive words in ebooks with a small blue dot. In Clean Reader, “offensive” words range anywhere from “swear words” to “clinical terms for . . . Read more »

    My Editing Past and Future

    "Editing a Paper" by Nic McPhee

    One of the great things about Portland State University’s Book Publishing Program is that we students get to dive into each of Ooligan’s departments—marketing, digital, design, editing, social media, and acquisitions—through our classwork. I had one department in mind when I applied here: editing. I, like almost everyone who goes into publishing, really want to . . . Read more »

    Small Presses and Local Niches

    Image by Michael Wiley from Wikimedia Commons, resized, under Creative Commons.

    In the world of publishing, the big houses have a reputation of attracting as large and general a readership as possible. Large publishers often exclude books that are primarily of local interest, books that recount some quirk of local history or the current trends in the region. Some writers have resorted to the difficult and . . . Read more »

    Hold the Door Open

    Millar Library PSU

    In theory, everyone has access to higher education and the materials it uses and produces. There are thousands of institutions to choose from, millions of people pursue a postsecondary degree every year, and President Obama just proposed a plan to eliminate the cost of community college entirely. In practice, however, there are still many hurdles . . . Read more »

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