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Hiking Through History: Exploring Ricochet River on Its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary


In anticipation of the upcoming release of Ricochet River’s twenty-fifth anniversary edition, our intrepid Ooligan team embarked for Estacada, Oregon, to tour the River Mill Dam. On the way to the dam, we met with our author and literary advocate Robin Cody. He guided us down the wooded road to his hometown—the inspiration for Ricochet . . . Read more »

How to Create a Peculiar Transmedia World


I caught up with Randall Jahnson recently to talk about the world of transmedia storytelling—or, as it turned out, the peculiar world of transmedia storytelling. First, a bit about Randall. He’s taught film and new media classes in Portland for several years, including one coming up at the Northwest Film Center in early 2017. A . . . Read more »

Design as Responsibility


Design introduces. It’s the first impression, the make-or-break handshake, and the direct eye contact of a product. If things go well, design might wine and dine you, and before you know it, you’re ordering dessert. Because when design does its job well, the transitions are smooth and the experience is effective. For books, the primary . . . Read more »

In Defense of Independent Publishing Houses


By the time I was nineteen and a sophomore at the University of Arizona, I was disillusioned with everything in general, but reading and writing in particular. I was applying to business school and, among other things, ignoring the voice in the back of my head that was telling me that if I couldn’t get . . . Read more »

The Versatility of an English Degree


The two most common responses that I received as an undergraduate English major were “So you want to be a teacher?” and “What can you do with that, besides teach?” As it turns out, you can do more than just teach with an English degree. You can work in publishing and help produce the literature . . . Read more »

Science Fiction is Fighting the Fight


With the end of the summer came Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 2–9) hosted by the National Alliance of Mental Illness. I knew that May was Mental Health Awareness Month, but I was pleased to hear another week was nationally devoted to breaking the stigma against mental illnesses. One in four people are affected by . . . Read more »

The Light Copyedit: The Hippocratic Oath of Editing


After almost three terms as the editorial assistant for Ooligan Press, I have become accustomed to the compulsory blank stare that results from hearing the term “light copyedit” when discussing blog posts and the importance of maintaining an author’s voice and intent. For some floaters, or volunteer editors, this glazed-over expression is a sign of . . . Read more »

I Believe in a Thing Called Love


I don’t think there is any genre that gets more insults than the romance genre. I, myself, used to mock and refuse to read anything that could be considered a “bodice ripper.” I only read more literary and sophisticated works, of course. Then, one day, I was stranded at my mother’s house with nothing to . . . Read more »

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