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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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“Conference Season: Write in the Pacific Northwest”


Summer is upon us, and with it comes conference season. There is a spattering of writer’s conferences throughout the year, most of them small-scale, but the warm, golden days of summer are simply packed with events to keep you in the air conditioning and away from the beach. Conferences are unique events where writers, agents, . . . Read more »

Tablets and eReaders and Motion Books, Oh My!


The written word in the form of a physical book became popular with Gutenberg’s invention of moveable type. eReaders first picked up steam with the release of the Sony Reader in 2006 followed by the Amazon Kindle in 2007. The latest and greatest reading technology is motion books, presented by Madefire and the Madefire app. . . . Read more »

10 Dos & Don’ts of Entrepreneurial Publishing


Savvy business practices are crucial to the success of an independent publisher. An estimated half of all entrepreneurial enterprises in the United States fail within the first five years, and only a third last ten years. If these statistics sound intimidating, fear not—here is a handy list of the ten best business practices in small-press . . . Read more »

Work-Life Imbalance


School, work, and life: The graduate school trifecta. It can be demanding, especially around finals week. Thankfully, the only thing at stake is our futures, a fact we’re so much more aware of than we were as undergraduates. So no pressure. Everyone’s work-life situation is unique to them; the only thing we have in common . . . Read more »

7 Tips for Developmental Editing


When most people think of editing, they think of correcting spelling and grammar. To publishing industry professionals, this is known as copyediting. There’s also developmental or content editing, which corrects weaknesses in the story itself. This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of learning how to developmental edit from a professional editor with twenty-plus years . . . Read more »

Feminism in Comics


Some people think a “feministic” piece of media simply passes the Bechdel test. Some comics know it takes more than that to impress the ladies these days. One of my all-time favorite comics that knows this is the Avatar: The Last Airbender Free Comic Book Day chapter produced by Dark Horse Comics. A few of . . . Read more »

What Brexit Means for English-Language Rights


A new revolutionary war could be waged with the United States of America’s greatest ally: the United Kingdom. The battles will not be on the sea nor in the sky, nor will they be fought with firearms. Instead, it will be fought behind closed doors as the American publishing industry fights against the United Kingdom . . . Read more »



Being a student of publishing, it’s hard not to notice the glaring whiteness of the overall program. Not to discredit the program or my peers in it, but Ooligan is made up of mostly white students. Yet this isn’t a direct issue with Ooligan’s program. It is an issue with publishing in general. Publishers Weekly . . . Read more »

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