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Interview with Tin House Publicity Manager Sabrina Wise


Sabrina Wise, publicity manager at Tin House, explains how her work is similar to “literary matchmaking,” connecting the right book to the appropriate audience. Her days consist of crafting pitches, communicating with her in-house team, and searching for a potential audience to help authors build their platform. For anyone who has ever wondered about the . . . Read more »

Twitter Interactions with Famous Authors and How to Deal


Even though social media theoretically closes the distance between an author and their readers, it sometimes seems to me that the opposite is true. Just looking at a particularly famous author’s feed, I’m highly aware of the statistical improbability of actually getting their attention on Twitter. As of early October, J. K. Rowling had 8.44 . . . Read more »

Publishing with a Small Press: A Stepping-Stone to Greatness


Where do great writers come from? Did Ernest Hemingway suddenly appear to us as a best-selling author, like gray-eyed Athena from mighty Zeus’s head? Did John Steinbeck begin his career by landing a multimillion-dollar book deal with a publishing conglomerate? Nope. These authors—and most of your favorites—got off to a more modest start. Hemingway’s first . . . Read more »

Quelling the Graduation Freak-Out


This is my last term at Ooligan, so naturally the thing I’m thinking about the most is graduation. In order to graduate, Ooligan students must compile a portfolio of their best work, which usually takes the form of a personal website; write a fifteen-page research paper on the publishing-related topic of their choosing (with advisor . . . Read more »

A Game of Genres


It was my first day of a graduate level course, and I found myself staring down at the same question that I’d seen since I was old enough to read, what is your favorite book? Immediately I felt my heart sink and my palms begin to sweat. The question was no less impossible at that . . . Read more »

Yours, Mine, and Ours


Prior to my career at Portland State University, I enjoyed all the career benefits of a creative writing degree: cooking, serving, managing—anything with an apron. Then I moved to Portland with the intent to find a “real” job. Have you ever bought Tupperware from a fresh-faced go-getter in the grocery store? Did that person seem . . . Read more »

Holiday Break


Hello all, The holidays are here! Ooligan students and staff alike are taking a breather before winter term begins in January. Our blog will be quiet for a few weeks, and new posts will begin on January 4. Everyone here at Ooligan Press wishes you all a very happy holiday season. Until next year, Ooligan . . . Read more »

W2P 2017 Panels & Workshops Update


Write to Publish (W2P) 2017 is getting closer, and we are thrilled to reveal the rest of the publishing professionals and experts who will be leading our panels and workshops! (Click here to view the first half of the list.) Our “Self-Publishing: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly” panel will feature the following people: . . . Read more »

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