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In Pursuit of the Expressive Arts: An Unconventional Career Path


I’m in search of a greater purpose. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Everyone in pursuit of higher education is trying to change the world, one noble and academic action at a time. We’re all trying to figure out life while balancing a desire to help others, not end up (completely) broke, and do . . . Read more »

In Defense of the Developmental Edit


Not too long ago, I met with a talented author friend of mine for coffee. Since grad school seems to occupy nearly every free second of my life, it didn’t take long for the conversation to move to editing. After discussing my nerves over taking over the editorial manager position for Ooligan, I quickly found . . . Read more »

Your Art Deserves Support


I would be hard pressed to find anyone in my life that isn’t connected to an artistic pursuit. Before entering graduate school for publishing, I was a professional actor and spent many years entrenched in the performing arts. I’m engaged to a musician and some of my closest companions are actors, dancers, writers, and visual . . . Read more »

Pottermore and Publishing: A Look at the Multimedia Empire of Harry Potter


Harry Potter is a name almost immediately recognizable today in 2016—whether your first thought is of a lightning scar, the Marauder’s Map, or the volume of fans across the world who have for years celebrated the cultural phenomenon that J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world became. On the first day alone, 8.3 million books were sold . . . Read more »

Social Media and Print Books: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship


These days, a lot of focus is put on social media as a marketing tool. For us book readers, this can be both a good and bad thing. Phrases like “print is dead” are thrown about with alarming consistency. With everything from Pinterest to Netflix vying for a reader’s attention, we can easily bemoan the . . . Read more »

Manager Monday: SOS: Cover Design Emergency Survival Kit (Design)


By the time a reader walks by a table of newly released hardcovers or an endcap of crisp staff-pick paperbacks, each book has undergone a grooming process to become the package it presents. A good book cover grabs attention and gives its potential reader a sense of the story inside. But just as a book’s . . . Read more »

Ebook or Not eBook? That is the Question


As the annual year-end holiday season draws near, gift givers everywhere are faced with the inevitable dilemma: what gifts to give the loved ones in their lives. Books, of course, have long stood as a gift giver’s go-to choice. What better way to curl up by the fireplace, chestnuts a-roasting, than with your new festive . . . Read more »

Title: Here We Go!

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.26.16 PM

The launch of Kait Heacock’s debut collection Siblings and Other Disappointments is almost upon us and I, for one, cannot wait to share it with you. I started at Ooligan in the spring of 2015, the same term that we as a press voted to acquire Siblings, so I’ve been with it since the very . . . Read more »

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