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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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Manager Monday: Picking Your Portfolio Platform (Digital)


In the internet-heavy, networking-obsessed world of today, having a website is nearly non-optional. And by website, I don’t mean a Facebook profile page, an active Twitter feed, or a Tumblr with the best cat memes in the world. I mean a website. You know, those pesky places you go for information on the internet that . . . Read more »

Books Outside Bookstores: Selling to Specialty Stores


Earlier this year, a friend and I were feeling particularly flush and went into a boutique well out of our price range. Among the silk gowns and hand-stitched shoes and ornate jewelry was one book—a paperback of watercolor drawings of trees commonly found in Canada. The connection between this illustrated paperback and a seven-hundred-dollar dress . . . Read more »

Rough and Tumblr


For those not in the know, Tumblr is an incredibly popular microblogging platform where users can post content of all kinds—video, text, pictures, music, and more. Personally, I have had a Tumblr since 2010; I adore it as a creative outlet and a means to discover new things. While my Tumblr is just for fun, . . . Read more »

On Finding Your “Niche”: Escaping the Publishing Trajectory


I spent my time in the New York City publishing scene sitting in a dark hole. Or, at least, that’s what I—and the three other girls with whom I shared one single table in an incredibly cramped, vaguely-uninhabitable alcove—called it. I had just graduated college, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and was ecstatic about the opportunity to . . . Read more »

The Seven People You Will Meet at a Conference


In book publishing, there are plenty of conferences to attend. As students, we drool at the stories about celebrity sightings and big prize giveaways at BEA. Some of us have the budget and time to make our way to some regional gems like AWP, and everyone can agree that the conference experience is an excellent . . . Read more »

Memories Portland Launch: Feminist Pub Trivia


I was nervous to start the Ooligan program this term, but when my project team told me our first task was to launch Memories Flow in Our Vein by hosting a feminist pub trivia event, I knew I was in the right place. Though Memories Flow in Our Veins launched at this year’s AWP in . . . Read more »

“This Too Shall Pass”: Resituating Book Marketing in a Shifting Media Environment (Manager Monday—Marketing)

Ooligan's marketing department considers the shifting media environment. How can we span the two spheres of marketing with the limited resources of a small press? (Image: "Artis ostrich reading newspaper orderly" via "Nationaal Archief", modified by Dory Athey.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it—Ooligan Press is a high-quality small press because of rather than in spite of the nature of the graduate student staff. Oolies are in general adaptable, excitable, and, because we are students too, abreast of the most exciting industry advances and innovations. That said, one of . . . Read more »

An Interview with Brian Friesen


As you may have read, Ooligan recently acquired a manuscript, currently known as On the Waterline, in which debut novelist Brian Friesen details life in a floating-home community. We were fortunate to snag Friesen (a software tester by day, writing vigilante by night) for a few questions about his inspirations, the ongoing influence of big . . . Read more »

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