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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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    They Like Us!

    The Ghosts Who Travel With Me

    Exciting news from the last few weeks—all that work we did soliciting reviews for The Ghosts Who Travel With Me is starting to pay off! We got a fantastic review from Mensah Demary at Four Culture.. It was thorough, thoughtful, and heartfelt, and he loved the book! He noted particularly how the themes in Ghosts . . . Read more »

    The Conference Scoop: Write in the Pacific Northwest

    Photo credit: Nana B Agyei

    Go to a writers conference. You hear it over and over again. The sage advice of the ages: If you want to be a writer, you need to go to conferences. And it’s true. Writers conferences are the place to learn about publishing, hone your craft, make connections with agents and editors, and generally be . . . Read more »

    Coming Attractions: C47: A Film Journal


    Ooligan Press is pleased to announce a coming attraction: C47: A Film Journal. The idea for this project came Dr. Michael J. Clark, director of Portland Center for the Public Humanities (PCPH), several years back. But, due to resource and time constraints, that idea did not become a real possibility until last winter, at which . . . Read more »

    Artists’ Books


    Amid discussions over the future of the printed book and the inevitable transition to digital reading, there runs a current of publishing that centers around the idea of the book as an artistic medium. Artists’ books can be difficult to define: they may be produced as a unique object or as an edition of many; . . . Read more »

    A Journal for Comic Books: Gathering Input for a Possible New Project


    Comics are an important part of Portland’s cultural landscape. Creators, consumers, conventions, cosplayers — they can all be found here. It is therefore, with great pleasure, that I introduce a new project group that began this term within Ooligan Press: The Graphic Novels/Picture Books Exploratory Committee. The group consists of Alex Haehnert, Molly Hunt, Bess . . . Read more »

    From Corvallis to Hollywood: Jean Hegland and Into the Forest


    Of all the big names expected to appear in Ooligan’s upcoming publication of CALYX Press’s fortieth anniversary anthology—which includes heavy hitters such as Barbara Kingsolver and Ursula K. Le Guin—there is one relatively unfamiliar name that could very well be joining the ranks of popular female authors in the near future: Jean Hegland. Though her . . . Read more »

    Hitting the Ground Running

    The pace of the CALYX anthology has been ramping up this term. We have big plans for our book that we hope to see finalized by the end of the school year. Up first, a title! We have been getting more of the manuscript, and we are combing through it to find that certain word/phrase/idea . . . Read more »

    Cover Design and Marketing

    Lynn Darroch

    We started this term off running with a title vote on the first day of classes. I want to say again a huge Thank You to everyone who contributed ideas to this process. We are very happy with the new title Rhythm in the Rain and are now beginning to think about a cover to . . . Read more »

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