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American Scream: Palindrome Apocalypse: A Trip and a Treat for Your Mind


It’s rare for me to come across a fellow poetry lover these days who isn’t some flavor of English. Poetry gets a bad rap for being esoteric, obtuse, unnecessarily complicated or convoluted, or pretentious. I’m not here to say that poetry like that doesn’t exist (just as there is prose that carries these not so . . . Read more »

The Top Five Emails NOT to Send To Ooligan


As the publisher’s assistants at Ooligan Press, we serve as the first point of contact between the public and the press. In this role, we manage the Ooligan email accounts, and so we answer a number of questions—some of which we wish we didn’t have to. So here are our top five emails NOT to . . . Read more »

Book People


So much of the time—most of the time—it’s such a blessing to be surrounded by book people. We speak the same language. At school, at home, and with friends, I’m surrounded by people who are genuinely fascinated by words. A few weeks ago I went over to the house of some of my favorite book . . . Read more »

Tied Up in Fifty Shades of Grey


During my time in the book publishing program, I’ve forcibly read genres and specific books that I otherwise would not have touched with a ten-foot pole. Much like anyone, I have my own stomping grounds in the world of literature, and that naturally excludes some genres. This is detrimental because the odds are not in . . . Read more »

That Awkward Relative

B42ART Editing an English language document

After being selected as the new editorial assistant, I was both elated to have a larger role in Ooligan Press and apprehensive of the mistakes that lie ahead. And while I am still thrilled to be an editor, I can’t seem to rid myself of the ever-present anxiety and fear. They’re like that relative you . . . Read more »

Creating Characters of the Opposite Sex

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 4.29.33 PM

I recently saw a superhero movie with my sister, and our discussion of the film afterward somehow turned to the depiction of female characters in cinema. My sister made the simple yet astute observation that women characters often lack depth or realism compared to their male counterparts because the writers, directors, and everyone else in . . . Read more »

Interview with Alumnus Melanie Figueroa


Melanie Figueroa, an Ooligan Press alumnus, explains how the press influenced her career following Portland State’s graduate program. At twenty-four years old, Figueroa moved to Southern California to pursue a job with Quarto Publishing Group, where she learned what it means to be part of a medium-sized press working as an editorial project manager. Figueroa . . . Read more »

On Queries and Proposals: How To Get an Ooligan Editor to Read Your Submission


We’re two months in as the new acquisitions managers/editors, and we’ve been immersed with submissions in our inbox. Unfortunately, most of those queries haven’t fit within our submission guidelines. But every once in a while we open our email to find a query that gets us excited. We decided to sit down and share a . . . Read more »

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