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The Ghosts Who Travel With Me

Why do we love the writers we do? As a teenager, Allison Green adored the works of Richard Brautigan, and looked through them as through a portal to the world of the Sixties she was born just too late to experience. As an adult, Allison’s love for Brautigan remained strong, but with some caveats and questions: Why would she, a woman and a lesbian, still identify with Brautigan in spite of his deeply male-centric (some say misogynistic) literary worldview? What is it about certain writers, certain places, certain times, that hold such magic for us with no regard for whether, on paper, they “should”? Inspired by these questions, Allison embarks on a literary pilgrimage following Brautigan’s route through Idaho as described in his book Trout Fishing in America. Along the way she comes face to face with her own and her family’s history, the strange sacredness of places and things long-ago touched by people we admire, and how past and imagination intertwine to help make us who we are.

Current project manager: Corinne Gould

Wrapping Up Ghosts, Beginning the Legacy (10/30/2015) - Reflecting on the editing, design, production, publishing, marketing, and publicizing, of The Ghosts Who Travel With Me, Ooligan Press’s publisher Abbey Gaterud said it best: “Allison was so easy.” As budding publishing professionals, we have already been spoiled with the kind of self-sufficient, hard working, open-minded, enthusiastic, communicative author embodied by Allison—the kind of author . . . Read more »
The Birth of a Book (8/25/2015) - The launch of The Ghosts Who Travel with Me was marked with the excitement and celebration befitting the hard work and creativity that went into it. The big event was held in Seattle’s Elliott Bay Book Company and was attended by Ooligan students and fans of Allison Green’s work, both old and new. A few . . . Read more »
They Like Us! (5/19/2015) - Exciting news from the last few weeks—all that work we did soliciting reviews for The Ghosts Who Travel With Me is starting to pay off! We got a fantastic review from Mensah Demary at Four Culture.. It was thorough, thoughtful, and heartfelt, and he loved the book! He noted particularly how the themes in Ghosts . . . Read more »
Final Term (4/29/2015) - Spring is here, finally, and the publication date for The Ghosts Who Travel with Me is creeping closer and closer! As I sat down to map out the work for the term, I realized that this is the end of the line—anything I hope to accomplish on this project is going to happen in the . . . Read more »
Tough Choices and a Last Minute Miracle (3/9/2015) - At the beginning of any book project, we put together a calendar with a timeline of all the stages, tasks, and processes that need to happen and the dates they need to be completed in order to keep to the production schedule. Ideally, all these things will happen as planned, in order, by their deadlines. . . . Read more »
Events (2/23/2015) - Although The Ghosts Who Travel with Me isn’t coming out until June, there’s no time like the present to start reaching out to bookstores, literary festivals, and writers’ conferences to organize appearances for Allison. Many places book their events far in advance, so it’s imperative that we be on top of it so we can . . . Read more »
In the Meantime (2/3/2015) - Our manuscript is typecoded, our interior design call was sent out, and an interior designer has been selected–Zach Eggemeyer! Now the manuscript is in his hands, along with our design specs and Allison’s photos, and as he goes away to work his magic on it, we’re going to get busy with other things. On the . . . Read more »
The Hunt for a Designer Begins (1/15/2015) - A new term has begun, and we are already in the thick of things. The manuscript has been finalized and typecoding is wrapping up, so our next step is choosing an interior designer. This is an incredibly exciting stage–it gives someone an opportunity to put a real, full-length book project in their design portfolio and . . . Read more »
Let’s Take A Road Trip! (11/21/2014) - Well, an imaginary road trip. For our sales kits–the promotional packets we mailed to all our book reps to get them acquainted with our new project–we invited our reps to take a look inside the glove compartment of the car Allison took on her trip to Idaho. Inside, there were brochures with information about the . . . Read more »
We’ve Got it Covered! (10/24/2014) - The whole press met as a group and voted to decide what the cover of our book would be–and I could not be happier with the result! Because we are on an extremely tight schedule on this project, we only had about three weeks between the beginning of the term and the deadline for a . . . Read more »
The Book Formerly Known as Trout Frying in America. (10/10/2014) - Very exciting news! After a lot of intense thinking, discussion, and waffling, we’ve selected The Ghosts Who Travel with Me as the new title of our book. It establishes its independence from Brautigan more than Trout Frying in America (which was a direct play on Trout Fishing in America) did, and it captures the theme . . . Read more »
Keeping Things on Track (7/28/2014) - Trout Frying in America is on a super fast publication track, so we’re making the most of the time we have while Allison is working on the developmental edits we suggested. As soon as our developmental letter was sent, we started thinking about other logistics we could take care of in the meantime. One of . . . Read more »
Making the Personal Public (7/25/2014) - I remember the only paper I got a “B” on was a personal reflection paper in one of my high school English classes. At the time, I was miffed. How could I get a “B” for writing my own thoughts and experiences? I was just being honest. (Actually, I think I did slack on that . . . Read more »
The Pilgrimage Begins (7/18/2014) - This summer, there’s exciting news for all of us here at Ooligan: we recently acquired a fantastic memoir by Allison Green that deals with youth, growth, travel, sexuality, literature, and trout. The story hinges on a roadtrip Allison took through Idaho to retrace (roughly) the route taken by Richard Brautigan, his wife, and his daughter . . . Read more »
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