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Rhythm in the Rain

Rhythm in the Rain is a nonfiction narrative about the jazz community in the Pacific Northwest that examines the people, places, and events that have made cities like Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, so popular among musicians. From the genesis of Jackson Street and Williams Avenue in the 1940s & ’50s with such legends as Ray Charles and Quincy Jones, to the modern voices of George Colligan, Rebecca Kilgore, and Esperanza Spalding, this book aims to encompass and illuminate the rich musical history of a region that, while not widely recognized as a jazz mecca, has seen its relevance within the local community. Written by local musician, radio broadcaster, and author Lynn Darroch, Rhythm in the Rain serves to inform and entertain, while showing that jazz is undoubtedly another of the countless cultural offerings this wonderful corner of the country has cultivated throughout its history.

Current project manager: Tyler Mathieson

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Cover Design and Marketing (4/30/2015) - We started this term off running with a title vote on the first day of classes. I want to say again a huge Thank You to everyone who contributed ideas to this process. We are very happy with the new title Rhythm in the Rain and are now beginning to think about a cover to . . . Read more »
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This Week! (10/8/2014) - Hello all, This week many little things were accomplished. We powered through many transcriptions that I personally loved listening to. Then we began developing the plan for the pitch video, which will feature our author speaking about the book, and began gathering preliminary information for the marketing plan. Most importantly, we began to delve into . . . Read more »
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Summer Update (9/15/2014) - Hello all, Just a quick update today on the development of the manuscript. We now have a finalized chapter outline that gives a clear overview of the evolution of jazz in the Pacific Northwest. From here the author will be working on the actual narrative of the book and the Ooligan team will be researching . . . Read more »
This Week! (8/27/2014) - Hello all, In this break between summer and fall terms, the Mastersounds project is keeping things simple. The team is continuing to help with transcribing interviews for the author’s research. This not only provides more opportunities for the author to conduct research, but also provides the team members with more knowledge about the jazz community. . . . Read more »
Results of Networking (8/13/2014) - Hello all, We have some results from our networking! I am meeting this week with Marc Moscato, Executive Director of Know Your City, to go over how we might create a tour of the Portland area that follows the same themes of the book. I’m hoping that the tour could follow a timeline that shows . . . Read more »
Starting the Editing Process (7/23/2014) - Hello all, The last two weeks have been focused on some of the nitty gritty parts of publishing. We have been gathering information on grants and awards for the book. These come a little later on in the process, but it never hurts to plan ahead. What we have been working towards is the first . . . Read more »
The Beginning of a New Project (7/16/2014) - Hello all, I’d like to introduce you to Mastersounds: A History of Jazz in the Pacific Northwest, one of Ooligan’s newest projects  This started as an in-house idea that developed into a full pitch during the winter and was acquired by the press in the beginning of spring. The overall goal for this project is . . . Read more »
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