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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

Memories Flow in Our Veins

Working in partnership with Ooligan Press, CALYX, Inc—a nonprofit press founded in 1976 that celebrates the excellence and diversity of women’s art and literature—will publish Memories Flow In Our Veins: Forty Years of Women’s Writing from CALYX, an 40th anniversary anthology of their trailblazing history.

CALYX Journal and CALYX Books are known for being the first to publish the early work of many influential writers such as Sharon Olds, Barbara Kingsolver, Julia Alvarez, Ursula K. LeGuin, Paula Gunn Allen, Olga Broumas, Molly Gloss, Linda Hogan, and over 4,000 more women writers.

CALYX titles have been sold, translated, and produced in foreign languages in over 20 countries. Their authors have received many awards, including Pushcart Prizes, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award, the GLCA Fiction Award, the American Book Award, and the Gerbode Award. Additionally, the journal has been the recipient of Oregon Governor’s Arts Award, the Stanley H. Holbrook Award, and American Literary Magazine Awards, among others.

Presenting diversity within women’s art and literature throughout the decades—including work that spans all races, ages, and sexual orientations—this anthology commemorates the press’s groundbreaking legacy.

Current project manager: Hayley Wilson

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Getting into the Fun Stuff (2/4/2015) - This term, the CALYX team is already making a lot of headway. The publicity and launch for this book should be pretty smooth if our marketing research continues the way it has, and while we don’t have a full manuscript yet, at the beginning of the term we received a working list of the authors . . . Read more »
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