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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Start to Finish

    Ooligan Press exists in two worlds: the world of independent presses, and the world of student presses. As an independent press, Ooligan strives to bring the stories of authors to the public, whether they are stories of imagination or stories of realities both everyday and incredible. As a student press, Ooligan has an obligation to another kind of author and another kind of story. The authors here are a group of motivated individuals and their story is one of collaboration and growth as they learn to operate in the world of publishing.

    Project Start to Finish is an initiative meant to combine these two worlds into one story—the story of each book published at Ooligan Press. By clicking on the titles below, you can view monthly updates from project managers on all of our current in-process titles, following their progress from “Start to Finish.” You can see how the press is involved in bringing an author’s work to life, and be present for every step—every twist and turn—in the incredible journey of a published work.

    Note: because the Start to Finish project began in Summer 2012, only works that were not published prior to that date are represented. You can read more about its creation and benefits on our blog. The project has also been featured in Publisher’s Weekly.

    Siblings Cover

    Siblings and Other Disappointments

    Siblings and Other Disappointments is a collection of twelve stories that focus on families—spouses, parents, children, and siblings—and the many ways they fight, forgive, or fall apart. With a rich sense of place, Heacock offers us snapshots of family dramas set in the Pacific Northwest. Stories follow a long-haul truck driver, a mother waiting for . . . Read more »

    CALYX Cover_10-12-15

    Memories Flow in Our Veins

    Working in partnership with Ooligan Press, CALYX, Inc—a nonprofit press founded in 1976 that celebrates the excellence and diversity of women’s art and literature—will publish Memories Flow In Our Veins: Forty Years of Women’s Writing from CALYX, an 40th anniversary anthology of their trailblazing history. CALYX Journal and CALYX Books are known for being the . . . Read more »

    Small Maneuvers Cover

    A Series of Small Maneuvers

    “I killed him.” After the devastating loss of her father on a canoe trip meant to bring them closer together, fifteen-year-old Emma Wilson finds herself alone on the river. As she treks out from their remote campsite, she faces wild rapids and a numbing sense of guilt. Back home, Emma confronts the complexity of grief . . . Read more »

    The Ghosts Who Travel With Me

    The Ghosts Who Travel With Me

    Why do we love the writers we do? As a teenager, Allison Green adored the works of Richard Brautigan, and looked through them as through a portal to the world of the Sixties she was born just too late to experience. As an adult, Allison’s love for Brautigan remained strong, but with some caveats and . . . Read more »

    Rhythm in the Rain Cover - S2F

    Rhythm in the Rain

    Rhythm in the Rain is a nonfiction narrative about the jazz community in the Pacific Northwest that examines the people, places, and events that have made cities like Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, so popular among musicians. From the genesis of Jackson Street and Williams Avenue in the 1940s & ’50s with such legends as . . . Read more »

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