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Alive at the Center

The Pacific Poetry Project’s first volume, Alive at the Center, aims to capture the thriving poetic atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest. It concentrates on the three major cities that define it—Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver B.C. This anthology, compiled and edited by an outstanding poet from each city, is a cultural conversation among the unique urban communities whose perspectives share more than just a common landscape. Alive at the Center features distinctive, contemporary poets who speak to the individual spirits of these Pacific Northwest cities.

Alive at the Center is also available in three smaller city-specific volumes, which contain only the poetry selections from that city. Perfect for showing city pride or as souvenir gifts, these volumes capture the essence of each city using the voices of some of their most prolific and outspoken poets. Each city-specific volume has been designed with its own unique cover, making these books collectable outside of the main anthology.

Alive at the Center - Portland

Alive at the Center - Seattle

Alive at the Center - Vancouver, BC

Susan Denning, Cody Walker, and Daniela Elza

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Alive at the Center was compiled by three well-known poets from each city, who worked together to select and compile the most representative work of their communities. They are: Susan Denning, Jesse Lichenstein, and Leah Stenson (Portland); Cody Walker, Kathleen Flenniken, and David D. Horowitz (Seattle); and Daniela Elza, Bonnie Nish, and Robin Susanto (Vancouver).

For more information on Alive at the Center contributors, check out the Alive at Center bios page.

Connect with Susan Denning, Cody Walker, and Daniela Elza online: via Facebook, on Twitter.


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