Ooligan Press

OpenBook Titles

Ooligan Press is proud to present its line of books devoted to sustainability in publishing—the OpenBook Series. Ooligan believes it is important to remain conscious of the natural resources that make publishing possible and is committed to leading the industry in producing green books made through sustainable printing practices.

The goal of the OpenBook Series is to print responsibly and transparently. Sustainable publishing begins with accountability, and to ensure accountability, each OpenBook title is further accompanied by an environmental audit that outlines specific printing decisions and their measurable environmental impact. Because we record each choice made during the production process, Ooligan Press is able to track the outcome of our own decisions as well as offer sustainability education to others seeking similar green publishing options.

Ooligan Press launched the OpenBook Series in September 2009 with the release of Rethinking Paper & Ink: The Sustainable Publishing Revolution, a booklet about sustainable publishing practices resulting from collaboration among Ooligan students, the Green Press Initiative, and sustainable publishing professionals. To help reach their goal of publishing at least two books each year with more sustainable practices, Ooligan Press also created the Offset Fund. The Offset Fund is a non-profit organization that accepts donations which allow Ooligan to accommodate the higher cost of producing a book using sustainable green printing methods instead of traditional printing practices.