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Ooligan is a not for profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Oregon Stories

    This collection of 150 personal narratives from everyday Oregonians explores the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the people who live in this unique state. Oregon Stories shows why people cherish this state and why Oregonians strive to keep Oregon unique and beautiful while celebrating its rich history and diverse opportunities. Drawn from the  Oregon 150 Commission’s Oregon Stories project—in which a variety of citizens submitted personal stories that will resonate with any Oregon resident—this book collects the stories and histories of the people that make this place home. The subject of these stories varies widely—some authors tell detailed family histories, while others describe exciting travels throughout Oregon’s beautiful landscape. This book features local contributors who reside in different communities all over the state, resulting in a publication truly representative of Oregonians as a whole.


    Give your students a reason to be proud with Oregon Stories, a compilation of stories, poetry, and personal narratives about the state of Oregon. Written by Oregonians of all ages and from all walks of life, this book commemorates the 150th anniversary of Oregon’s statehood. Oregon Stories is an integrative way to teach state history and the art of storytelling. Introduce your students to what makes Oregon special with Oregon Stories.

    Grades: 10–12, College

    Topics: Oregon State History, Oregon Landscape/Geography, Frontier Life, Fishing and Other Oregon Industry, Poetry, Coming of Age, Storytelling

    Genre: Regional Literature, History

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