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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.


Our favorite fiction tends to be character-driven. We’re always on the lookout for stories of lost or disillusioned individuals whose struggles to navigate and comprehend their bewildering, dangerous worlds lead them to better understandings of their own identities. We believe that great literature reflects life. Fiction, though essentially “make-believe,” ought nonetheless to inspire the reader in turn to contemplate the nature of this world and to consider his or her place therein. Ooligan Press strives to publish general fiction that rings true to life and makes us think.


Siblings and Other Disappointments

A widower searching for solace in competitive eating. A mother and daughter preparing their living room for the rapture. A young couple looking for reasons to reconnect on a trip to the mountains. A grieving sister and her alcoholic brother sharing a home for the first time since childhood. Siblings and Other Disappointments follows an . . . Read more »

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Up Nights

Up Nights, Daniel Kine’s second book, is a classic road novel for a new generation. In raw, unrelenting prose, Kine tells the story of the complexities of human relationships when four friends embark on an existential journey through the underbelly of society. As they drift from city to city, they each struggle to connect with . . . Read more »


Close is Fine

Life’s private reflections, big and small, shape and define the characters in Eliot Treichel’s debut short story collection. Rural Wisconsin—the lonely, aching expanse of quiet isolation—doubles as a metaphor for the characters who yearn for a closeness in personal relationships that is just out of grasp. A rivalry between lumberjacks reaches a sticky end. A . . . Read more »

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Lincoln’s Daughter

Lincoln’s Daughter completes Tony Wolk’s Lincoln “Out of Time” trilogy about inexplicable, time-traveling Abraham Lincoln, and the widow who gives birth to his daughter. A Lincoln scholar himself, Wolk blends historical facts and people with fictional characters, skillfully bringing time, place, and president to life—once again proving his dedication to both history and literature. It’s 1964, . . . Read more »

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Set in Portland, Oregon, 42 follows George Olson as his life is thrown into chaos and his mind into a possible state of psychosis. When a murder accusation leads George to examine the forces at work in his life, he becomes lost amid paranoia, coincidences, and a strange reality. In a plot that quickly escalates from a . . . Read more »

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Do Angels Cry? Tales of the War

In 1991, war broke out in Croatia. Matko Marušić’s short stories offer a human perspective on the war that is not told in history books. Each story illuminates the love and dedication the Croatian people have for their country, and their struggle to find purpose and meaning in the midst of tragedy. Matko Marušić’s other . . . Read more »

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You Have Time for This

Contemporary American Short-Short Stories Love, death, fantasy, and foreign lands, told with brevity and style by the best writers in the short-short fiction genre. You Have Time for This satiates your craving for fine literature without making a dent in your schedule. This collection takes the modern reader on fifty-three literary rides, each one only . . . Read more »

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Good Friday

Brace yourself for a collision between 1865 and 1955. Joan Matcham has just discovered that she’s pregnant by a man who died ninety years earlier: Abraham Lincoln. His brief sojourn to the Illinois of 1955 ended, he is returned to his own time and place, leaving Joan to deal with the consequences of their night . . . Read more »

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The Weight of the Sun

The Weight of the Sun, a short story collection by Geronimo Tagatac, sparkles with an appeal that comes from a deep understanding of human nature. Here are the farm laborers, dancers, kitchen workers, and soldiers who make up a world that is wrought with pain, nostalgia, and stunning grace. From the widowed Filipino father raising a . . . Read more »

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The Survival League

In The Survival League, Gordon Nuhanović delves past Croatia’s post-war politics and focuses on its people struggling to heal old wounds and create new lives. With edgy, evocative prose, Nuhanović weaves darkly optimistic tales where nothing ever works out quite right: English lawns grow daisies instead of grass, and a romantic weekend in the mountains turns into . . . Read more »


Abraham Lincoln: A Novel Life

Easter weekend, 1955, and Abraham Lincoln finds himself in Evanston, Illinois, mysteriously transported from 1865 at the height of the Civil War. Ninety years after his assassination, this wry, gaunt man, briefly relieved of the burdens of life in his own time, encounters a future society, idealized images of himself, reminiscences of friends and acquaintances . . . Read more »

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